The price THEY pay.

I talk a lot about me, my whole emotional history from childhood, about friends and outings, about family and acceptance and advocacy, but I never touched yet on the most important person in my life other than to mention some material gifts she's given me. Why not? Well, in a way I consider our relationship to be sacred ground. My wife has known about my transgenderism longer and in more detail than any single person in my life (actually more than everyone combined) and is the most affected by it, yet she has stood by me and continues to do so through adversity you cannot imagine. Even I cannot easily dissect the depth of her love or comprehend the sense of loss she must be feeling in light of recent events. All I can really say is this: The spouses of transgendered people suffer right along side them and pay a heavy price for their love. In many cases they feel they are losing someone they had their whole life invested in. In many cases we are asking them to change their sexual orientation. In many cases we get so wrapped up in ourselves that their needs are lost in the shuffle. We owe them our understanding and gratitude no matter how they must proceed with their own lives. I know I wouldn't want to walk even two steps in my wife's mocassins. Think about it.


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