An amusing story.

I was relating to my wife, the lovely Sweet Vee, a realization I had when talking to my headshrinker. I realized that I really am just a little girl in ways because I never got to be one, but longed for the little girl things, so in essence I'm starting from there. Anyway, I was telling the shrink that it really hit home with me when I was looking at the notebook I brought to take notes in and was overcome with the feeling that it needed stickers to be more pretty. The next day, Sweet Vee, bought me a bunch of Tinkerbell stickers and a Tinkerbell book (cause she knows I LUV Tinkerbell) Of course I promptly festooned my cell phone with the kewl stickers and my notebook, too. This picture above is from one of my favorite websites http://www.tinkfanatic.com/ , check it out if you're into Tink too. C'mon, I know you are, everybody luvs Tink!

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