Confessions of a Transtitute...

Well, not really, but since I was dressed as a geisha (albiet a naughty geisha) and was at the same time mistaken for a prostitute, and I'm a tranny, I just thought the title was fun play on words.
Anyway, here's what happened: It was like any ordinary Halloween for any ordinary woman... or at least 75% of women. By that I mean, I was dressed like a slut! It WAS, after all, Halloween, right? Well, apparently if your a transsexual it means something more than just dressing up and having fun with your friends. Apparently it means you're willing to trade sex for money.
I was standing in the entry way to the club where the big Halloween party was, talking on the phone to my date while I waited for him, and this jacked-up penis-substitute of a pickup truck pulls up. The guy yells out the window, "Hey you workin'?" I first thought he's just talking to one of the other people, maybe a friend of his, about like real work or something. Then he shouts the question again, and I realize it's directed at me and that he means, "working" in the world's oldest profession sense. I cast him a disgusted, dismissive look and turn away while I continue with my phone conversation. Then he persists and shouts to me, "$600 for 2 hours" while he motions to him and his girlfriend. I try to wave him off, shoo him away, with my free hand and he repeats himself a couple more times before he finally says, "Whatever!" in a very pissed tone and squeals away.
I was apalled by this very embarrassing situation and actually kind of hurt! Why, when I'm dressed no different than most of the GGs who were milling about all around me, does he assume I'm the one who is a willing sex worker? He wouldn't have dared to shout such things at one of them, I'm sure. Is it because I'm a tranny? Does being a tranny mean I'll desperately jump into bed with any asshole who approaches me on the street with money? Was he angry because, he thought I should have been flattered by his offer? Did he think I should be greatful because I am a tranny and I MUST be desperate? And $600!? For 2 hours!? Was I supposed to think that was generous... cuz I'm a tranny? Grrr!!

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  1. Yeah, but $300 an hour? He certainly didn't think you were a "cheap" whore!